National Bread Week 2015

National Break week 11th-17th September 2017

Love your loaf with National Bread Week, a weeklong celebration of Irish bread that will take place 11th-17th September. #Calling all breadlovers

Irish bread is steeped in history and National Bread Week celebrates all that is great about Irish bread. This event is organised by the Flour Confectioners and Bakers Association (FCBA) and has been embraced by the industry, media and consumers alike. This week long event aims to encourage consumers to love bread and its heritage and versatility. An important part of a balanced, healthy diet, Irish bread is not only delicious but versatile too, here are some ways you can enjoy it.

  • Sandwich –bread is a vital ingredient for a tasty sandwich.
  • Toast it-perfect toasted simply with butter or turn into a toasted sandwich.
  • Fry it-whether its fried bread or French bread, it’s great for breakfast.
  • Dip it- Where its soup or fondue, bread is an ideal dipper
  • Desserts-Bread pudding, Bread & Butter pudding, Summer Pudding…
  • Ice Cream-not something you think of when you think of bread
  • Croutons-cut bread into small cubes, brushed with oil and toasted to make croutons for soups or salads.
  • Breadcrumbs-a must have for many recipes, where it’s a coating for meat or an ingredient for a treacle tart.

National Bread Week is celebrating all that is great about Irish bread and here are just some amazing facts and figures about one of the Nations favorite foods:

Bread by Numbers: Did you know that €304,897m is spent on bread in Ireland each year (including morning goods). Almost six in 10 (57%) Irish residents cannot imagine life without bread! We loved packaged sliced pan! It is the most popular bread purchase in Ireland with 71% of Irish households buying it weekly, followed by French bread baguettes, Soda/stoneground bread, wraps, rolls, buns and baps. Breakfast is the time for bread. Over two thirds (67%) eat sliced pan during the week, while 53% eat bread at the weekend. When buying a loaf of bread, freshness, taste and price are the key drivers.

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