Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store my bread? Can I freeze your breads?

Johnston Mooney & O’Brien breads store and freeze well as full or partial loaves. Use well sealed freezer bags and defrost in the bag to retain moisture.

Do you sell wheat-free or gluten-free products?

Almost all of our baked goods are made with wheat flour.
While one or two of our items may be wheat-free, however, we cannot claim that they are gluten-free due to the abundance of wheat flour we use in our bakery.

Do your breads contain dairy?

Most of our breads are made without dairy.

Do your breads have yeast in them?

Yes, all our breads contain yeast.

Do you have any products that are sugar-free?

Most of our breads are made without sugar.
However, to be sure, please read the ingredient labels.

How long does the bread stay fresh?

With our natural slow-rise method, our breads last 5-7 days.

What happens to your leftover bread/products at the end of the day?

Although our breads keep well for 5 to 7 days, we don’t sell day-old bread, but instead offer bread as fresh as possible. Our leftover products are donated to charity kitchens and other organizations that use them to feed people in need and for special events.

How many slices do you get per loaf in your slicer?

About 15 slices per loaf (13mm thick), depending on how you slice it!