About JMOB

Johnston Mooney & O’Brien is one of Ireland’s oldest companies, having been founded in 1835, it is Ireland’s oldest bakery. The brand has been synonymous with the best in baking tasty breads and morning goods every day for Irish families. Needless to say JMOB has undergone many changes since 1835! Baking for us is a real passion! Our craft bakers are proud that they only use the finest ingredients to perfect recipes for a first class range of bread products. Our dedication to quality is what makes our bread so wholesome and is the embodiment of the tradition at Johnston Mooney & O’Brien.


Our vision is to be Ireland’s leading provider of quality baked products. Being a leader means being a national brand, relevant to consumers’ lives, innovative and passionate about customer service. To provide the consumer with a better eating experience through our range of quality, tasty and nutritious baked products.

We have two bakeries in Dublin, our dedicated bread plant is based in Finglas and our dedicated Bundy plant is based in Clonee. Bread & buns are delivered fresh 7 days a week to a wide range of retailers and foodservice customers. We manage our distribution nationwide through 120 self employed distributors.

We offer consumers a wide range of baked goods, i.e. Toastie, Family Pan, Goodness of Both, Wholemeal, Wholegrain, Bundys , Sandwich Thins – just to mention a few!

“Feeding the nation since 1835, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien is the oldest Irish Bakery. It’s long standing tradition in baking excellence and expertise in sourcing high quality ingredients, has delivered authentic and wholesome baked goodness for more than 185 years”